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Norhanna Anda. Qamar Ashraf No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Marketing Research Paper 1, marketing paper sample. Various gizmos are employed to attract clientele, thus increasing profitability. Store design is one of the attributes that influence the overall image of a store Lindquist,Mazursky and Jacoby, Store image not only includes the location, marketing paper sample, affordability of food prices, cleanliness of the place and food preparation but store design and layout as well.

Emplacement or positioning of the canteen is equally significant. This is not however, to say that location is unimportant, canteen choice seem to be discrepant with a framework where customers optimize their food costs, where effort to access the canteen location being one component of their budget. Bell, Ho, and Tang,find that location no longer explains most of the variance in store choice decisions.

Like any other consumer, students too, have their food allowances on a budget. Students enjoy almost the 2. Student consumers measure store image also by food cost and how the food price fits their budget.

Nevertheless, each student still has different taste and lifestyle. Some prefer delicious mouth-watering food and affordable prices. Others prefer cozy and classy ambient, not taking into consideration the prices of the food, marketing paper sample. Hence, store design is one factor that can affect the purchasing decision of a student. Richardson, Jain, marketing paper sample, and Dick said that a pleasing in-store atmosphere provides substantial hedonic utility to consumers, encourages them to visit more often, marketing paper sample, stay longer, and buy more.

An appealing in-store atmosphere offers much potential in terms of crafting a unique store image and establishing differentiation. Even if the products by a retailer are similar to others, marketing paper sample, the ability to create a strong in-store personality and rich experiences can play a crucial role in building retailer equity.

Questionnaires were formulated to fit the objectives of the research. The respondents were not exclusively directed to a certain group but to different class levels. The specific problem and objectives, research framework, scope and limitation and research hypothesis will be further explained in this paper and at the end of the study, a further analysis, interpretation and conclusion of the findings will be discussed.

How many times in marketing paper sample week do students eat in the University Square Canteen? What are the factors that contribute to a good design inside a food stall?

What is the percentage of students who are influenced by food stall design in their purchasing decision? To know how many times in a week students eat in the University Square Canteen. To know the factors that contributes to a good design inside a food stall. To measure the percentage of students who are influenced by food stall design in their purchasing decision. Survey will be the marketing paper sample used for data collection.

The social survey questionnaire will comprise close-ended questions that will be answered through multiple choices and dichotomous choices. Data collection strategy marketing paper sample be cross sectional wherein respondents will be individually given questionnaire surveys at a different time.

On the other hand, data type will be both qualitative and quantitative. Social status and those that students see as a factor which can influence their purchasing decision will be in qualitative form. Percentage of students influenced by store design and relationship of store design on the purchasing decision of students marketing paper sample be in quantitative form, marketing paper sample.

The number of respondents will be wisely chosen using convenience sampling to be able to control and adjust to the arrivals of first year respondents of De La Salle University- Dasmarinas.

This non-probability sampling would be convenience sampling. The sample size will be computed based on the whole population of DLSU-D students for the year For convenience, survey questionnaires will be distributed to students found in the Square Canteen at the time of surveying.

Data from the survey will be the primary source of data. The weekly allowances and number of visit in a week on the Square Canteen will be expressed in categories or as ordinal data while purchasing decisions 5, marketing paper sample. Related literatures from internet articles will be used to establish the movement of variables such as social marketing paper sample, store design and store preference.

These articles from the internet will support the objectives, marketing paper sample framework, marketing paper sample, and research design of the study.

Level of significance that will be used for hypothesis testing will be 0. P-value will then be compared with the significance level to determine the truthfulness of the null hypothesis, marketing paper sample.

If P-value will be lower than the significance level, then we will reject the null hypothesis. If not, we will accept null hypothesis. Hypothesis Both the marketing paper sample hypothesis and alternative hypothesis of the study will be analyzed using the survey data at the end of the paper to prove which hypothesis is correct.

Store image is built through many factors that a canteen is composed of, and one of those is design. Store design is one of the attributes that influence the overall image of a store. Store image not only includes the affordability of food prices, the cleanliness of the place, food preparation and promotion, but store design and layout as well Lindquist,Mazursky and Jacoby, Good perceptions then affects purchasing behavior of a student leading to a decision to eat or dine while a bad perception otherwise.

This theoretical framework will be further proven by a thorough analysis of the research survey. There are 27 different weekly allowance rates according to the survey. Also, marketing paper sample, The third most common weekly allowance for the students of De La Salle is P a week that is P a day rate for a five-day a week classes.

The fourth is P 1, which is P a day in a five-day a week classes. The fifth is P which is P daily allowance rate while the sixth is P and P which is P and P daily. Deviation Weekly 95 5, 1, The figure is shown below. Valid data is percent. Statistics No. Almost half of the students eat everyday at the Square Canteen and minority eats once a week in the Square Canteen.

There is also none of the students who never eat in the Square Canteen. A high number of students, as shown in the figure below, eat everyday in the Square Canteen while none of the students who never eat in the Square Canteen.

Students eat in the Square canteen on a mean of thrice a week, having 1 for once a day, marketing paper sample, 2 for twice a day, 3 for thrice a day and 4 for every day. Descriptive Marketing paper sample Std.




marketing paper sample


A good marketing writer should be fluent in the subject and have access to credible and peer-reviewed sources. To order a paper at is the first step towards a successful diploma defense. A good marketer is a rarity today, so we will be happy if you become a real exception. marketing plan, this model may be a helpful guide, along with the concepts in Chapter 2. The Environmental Analysis presents information regarding the organization’s cur-rent situation with respect to the marketing environment, the cur-rent target market(s), and the firm’s current marketing objec-tives and performance. This section of the. How to Write a Research Paper on Marketing Plan. This page is designed to show you how to write a research project on the topic you see here. Use our sample or order a custom written research paper from Paper Masters.